11 ways to use homemade oatmeal and oatmeal recipes


Let’s move on to almond milk. The block has a new milk replacement that does not contain dairy products. The popularity of oatmeal has exploded, quickly overtaking other non-dairy options in grocery stores and coffee shops. Oatmeal is sweet, delicious and versatile. If you haven’t tried it yet, there are many ways to use it in your recipe, and you can even make your own.

Why is oat milk so popular? Global oatmeal sales reached $ 360 million in 2019. From 2026 to 2027, forecasters predict that the oat milk market could reach $ 995 million to $ 2.2 billion. This is a lot of oatmeal!

Oatmeal is in demand for several reasons.

Neutral taste
Oatmeal has a sweet, slightly nutty taste that goes well with coffee and recipes for secret medicines. It definitely tastes like oatmeal and is very pleasant and friendly. Has a “foaming” texture
Its solid starchy texture makes it easy to whisk and whisk oatmeal to create foam and latte art (also very relevant to coffee lovers).

More eco-friendly
Oatmeal requires less water and soil and emits less greenhouse gases than milk and other dairy-free milk options such as almonds, which are disadvantageous for using large amounts of water. Become.
Suitable for allergens
Oatmeal does not contain many common allergens. It does not contain soy, nuts, seeds or dairy products, making it suitable for school and work.
Homemade oats milk recipe
I spent the entire post creating nuts / seed milk, why do I create a new post with an oatmeal recipe? The reason is as follows. The process of making oat milk is a little different from traditional nuts and seed milk. Homemade oatmeal can be sticky, sticky, or slimy, but here are some important tips and tricks to prevent it.

Do not soak oatmeal in advance
For milk that does not contain almost any other dairy product (nuts, seeds, coconut, or rice), it is advisable to soak the ingredients in water first. It helps soften them, especially to mix with large and hard nuts. Do not soak oatmeal.

Oats are densely packed with soluble fiber, especially beta-glucan. Beta-glucan has been shown to support the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, and help grow beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Soaking oatmeal in water absorbs a lot (you may be able to get something like oatmeal overnight). It is recommended to use it in a dry state.

Use cold water
If you’ve cooked a pot of oatmeal, you know how thick and sticky it can be (again because of its beta-glucan content). Hot or hot water makes the oat milk sticky. Do not mix oatmeal
When making homemade oatmeal, use enough force to break it down (especially when using a high speed mixer). Bombard with a high speed mixer for about 30 seconds. Excessive mixing creates heat that activates its soluble fiber components and ultimately results in a slimy oat milk.
Sift carefully
When filtering milk, leave it to gravity. Sift the mixed oatmeal or drain it with a bag of nut milk and the sticky soluble fiber will be pushed into the final product. We use a fine mesh sieve over the container and like to let the milk naturally separate from the solids (during sieving, we often leave the container for 10-15 minutes). If necessary, gently press the pulp behind the spoon, but don’t overdo it.

The best type of oatmeal to use
I like to use gluten-free rolled oats for oat milk. Choose finer textured oatmeal: roll / old-fashioned oatmeal or quick oatmeal. Meat-type oats, such as steel-cut oats and whole oats, do not break down easily when dried, resulting in longer mixing times (and more sticky oat milk). Oatmeal flavor
Add your favorite natural sweets and spices to enhance the flavor.
Can’t you buy it? The oatmeal you purchased is convenient, but you can also find the following:

Inexpensive, unhealthy oils that are deficient in nutrients, such as canola oil and sunflower oil.
Supplemental vitamins and minerals, but generally not the most absorbent form
Add sweetener
Binders and thickeners that prevent the milk from separating naturally
A preservative that keeps the box fresh for a long time without refrigeration.
Making your own oatmeal is easy and you can make it all together and freeze it later.

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