How to preserve food at home


Whether you have a flooding home, have too many products at the grocery store or wonder what to do with surplus herbs in your windows, simple food conservation methods can help you store ingredients, as well as keep your value of nutrition. . Keeping food at home is easy with these simple techniques.

Advantages of culinary nutrition to preserve food at home.
There are several reasons to consider learning to preserve food at home. This process:

preserves nutrients from certain foods when they are more powerful
It saves your money
It allows you to claim seasonal food to enjoy later when they are out of season.
Reduce food waste, as it stores or stores food to use more instead of composer or introduce it
It helps you explore different ways to use food
Tools needed to preserve food at home.
What you need to preserve the food depends on the method you use, but can include a basic food conservation figuration:

Knife and cutting board
Blender or food processor
Storage containers
Parchment paper
Masking tape and a marker for labeling.

Easy ways to preserve food at home.
These are some of our favorite methods we use regularly.

Freezing is the most basic and accessible way to preserve your own food with a minimum number of specialized equipment.

It can freeze all or chopped ingredients, partially frozen frozen or full recipes, or freeze or freeze the remains of the kitchen or the missed ingredients for the homemade sauce. Some of the things we would like to freeze are:

Seed nut and milk
Leg sauce or vegetable broth
Herbs mixed with oil or water in ice cubes (learn how to do this from our founder Meghan telpner in this quick vine)
Whole nuts and seeds purchased in bulk: it keeps his freshness and oxidation fats.
Veggie or Meat Hamburgers
Dips and Spots
Gluten-free bread
Gluten-free muffins.
Gluten-free flour.
Tomato sauce, tomato paste or other sauces and spices.
Flag Initials.
Chocolate treatments
Energy and Granola bars.
Brown bananas for bowl or ice cream (that’s how!)
General freezing points to preserve food at home.
Whatever it is frozen, make sure you name the item and the date you put it in the freezer. He does not want to forget what is in his container or how long he was there, or thaw the wrong thing because of evildoing.
Mountain fruit and vegetables.
Lava and dry well, then cut into small pieces (or larger, if you have a specific recipe in mind by frozen). If you want, you can only welcome the vegetables.
Place on a baking tray fed with parchment paper. Freeze for an hour, then transfer to a sealed container. It helps prevent products from gathering in large and frozen groups. To freeze the remains of food for sauce. Have a big bag or a container in the freezer and add your vegetable shells and ornaments as well as additional herbs. When the container is full, use it to do a sauce!

To freeze liquid elements such as soup, boots, nut or smoothies. For hot items: Allow them to fully cool, then transfer to a freezer or container. Leave an inch or two of space on top to allow extension. For cold items: pour liquid into a free freezer or container. Leave an inch or two of space on top to allow extension. Freeze gluten-free baked goods. For articles sections such as muffins, cookies, bars and squares, in large containers in layers between parchment paper skins, if necessary, to prevent it being held.

This method is also ideal for hamburgers and other empanadas. For larger items, such as scab, bread or cake, it can be cut or individual parts frozen by using the above method, or in larger pieces frozen (for example, half a bread) to thaw and later cut. To freeze the Casserole style dishes (lasagna, etc.) Freeze directly in the pan (many kitchen utensils options now have a fridge or freezer so you can easily hide it. Alternatively, you can wash squares or pieces of papers on paper, cattle- Wrappers or parchment and apply it.
Freeze fresh herbs Try to mix them with oil or water, then freeze on ice cubes Ice Cube bowls, then throw olive oil or ghee on top have enough freezer. Help to take the inventory of your freezer and digest regularly (do not make the freezer a place where food they do not want to eat will pick up the burning of the freezer! It has a continuous rotation of items that come and they Go, as opposed to stacked and forgotten.

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